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Due to the high popularity of these items, I have dedicated a page specificly to the status of these lightsabers.  The information here comes directly from Master Replicas themselves.  If the dates change it's because either Master Replicas has moved up or back the date.  The Saber Vault has zero control over these dates, and you can be assured that these dates affect all retailers and not just TSV. 

September 18th 2007:   WHO-RAH!!!  The tracking numbers for the Luke ANH FX have FINALLY arrived!!!  They will be in on Friday, so for all of you'll only be just a little bit longer :-D

August 6th 2007: It's August!!  And Luke FXs are...still no where to be found :-\  MR is saying very end of August, however, at this rate I'm thinking very end of September.  I'm hoping they prove me wrong, but for some reason they just can't get these out.

July 16th 2007: July is half over and as most of you have noticed, still no Luke ANH FXs.  I hate to sound like a broken record, but no MR is saying these have been pushed back until August.  I don't quite know why nothing is being shipped...the Fett LE blasters, POTC rings, Luke ESB blasters, Luke ANH FXs...all of these were suppose to have shipped two months ago.  And please note, this isn't effecting just TSV.  This is effecting EVERY retailer.  No retailer has received these yet.  Unfortunatly everyone is in the same boat.  Hopefully I'll hear som good news in a week or two, and as soon as I do, I'll post something :-)

June 23rd 2007: Well, the Luke ANH FX should have been here by now...however, in standerd MR fashion this one has been delayed again.  Right now they are saying July...exactly when, is anyones guess :\  But as soon as I get anything else, I'll post again....

May 18th 2007:  WOOPS!  I let this page fall behind.  I'm very sorry about that.  All FX sabers are in stock that are listed above except the Luke ANH which has been pushed back to June now.  And with MRs new announcement, this might be the last FX saber ever produced.  There *might* be one more, but we'll have to see later in the year.

March 16th 2007:  YODA!!  These FX sabers will be in stock NEXT WEEK!!  Hur-rah!!

February 15th 2007:  It's finally here!  Luke ANH FXs!!!  Well they aren't quite HERE yet, but they will be sooner than it's taking the Vader ROTS SE helmets!!  They are available to order now, and should be shipping first part of May.  This should be the last FX for a few months.  Expect another one toward the end of the 3rd quarter though!

January 25th 2007:  Well, the Vader ANH FXs are now up and ready for orders :)  I'm told they should be shipping late April.  Luke ANH goes on sale in just a few weeks!

January 10th 2007:  The Yoda is up for sale now!!  Vader and Luke coming soon!

January 6th 2007:  Well it looks like the rumors were true!  The Yoda FX is going on sell on the 10th of January, with shipping in late March.

November 7th 2006:  Wow, it's been a while!  Nothing much new...just got the Luke ROTJ back in stock.  There were some announcments at Toy Fair though.  Yoda ROTS FX and Obi TPM FX for next year!!  So it sounds like another good year for these!  They are also re-releasing Vader ANHs, which was my favorite Vader saber.  Now if we can just cross our fingers for a Sidious, Dooku and Qui-Gon we'll ALL be set :-D

August 17th 2006:  Obi ROTS FX sabers are finally in stock!  So if you've been waiting to order, now is the time!  Also, all orders that were paid in full by August 15th have been shipped.

August 2nd 2006:  Hey HEY!  I just got an email stating the Obi ROTS FXs should be shipping next week!  So it will actually be sooner than they thought...well sooner than the last date they thought :-P

July 28th 2006:  Well MR still hasn't changed the arrival date for the Obi ROTS.  Apparantly they some for sale at Comicon this last week, so that should mean they are being produced at a good rate and on sale for everyone end of next month first of September.  Let's hope it stays that way :)

June 8th 2006:  Just a note to say hi :)  Not much really going on at the moment as far as FXs go.  Most everything is in stock, and the ones that aren't in stock are going to be in a week (not including the Obi ROTS). 

I did see a pic of a of the retail version of the Obi ROTS, and I must say, I like it better now.  I wasn't too keen on it before, but I do feel better about it now.  It's all metal, which I didn't realize either.  AND...I read a news post from an interviewer which said that MR is actually working on a Yoda FX.  If they do finalize it, the earliest we'll see it would be next year, but still...if they can do a Yoda at the proper size, or at least close to it, I'm sure Sidous wouldn't be far behind.  Now those would be a fun couple of sabers too!

May 18th 2006:  FULL Mauls are here!!  This saber is now IN STOCK.  Also, Obi-Wan Revenge of the Sith FX sabers are available to order!  Be sure to order quickly to be a part of the first wave!

May 15th 2006:  FULL Mauls were suppose to be here today...unfortunatly they aren't.  I called MR to see what's up, and they are suppose to get back to me today.  BUT, this will put those in the IN STOCK status once they arrive.

Also, the Obi ROTS FXs will be up for sale on the 18th!!  And I really have no idea just yet on when they should be shipping out.  If I had to guess though I'd say August.

April 26th 2006:  The FULL Mauls have come and left again.  The next shipment should be arriving the week of May 15th.  That shipment will cover everyone else AND will put me in the in stock status as of right now. 

HOWEVER, the half mauls are in stock.  Remember, these are the exact same as the full Mauls, and if you get two half Mauls it is exactly like getting a full Maul.  The ONLY difference is that on the 'full' Maul the two half Mauls come in one main box.  The "battle damaged" half Mauls are packaged like all the other FX sabers.

April 21st 2006:  FINALLY!  The second wave of full mauls are heading my way.  They should be here Wednesday.  The third wave is suppose to arrive mid May.  However you can still take advantage of two half mauls for just a few dollars more and have them a lot sooner.  The only difference between getting the full maul and two half mauls is the full Maul two halves are in one box, where the two half mauls come in seperate boxes (still shipped as one package).

April 19th 2006:  GOOD NEWS!!  The second wave of full Maul FX sabers are in MRs warehouse!  BAD NEWS!!!  They've been sitting in MRs warehouse since Thursday >:(  I've been calling once a day since Monday to see why they haven't shipped, and I can't seem to get a reason why.  SO, as of today they are still sitting there.  I HOPE they'll ship today, but right now I'm at the mercy of MRs timetable...again...*sigh*.

April 12th 2006:  The Battle Damaged Mauls are in stock!!  To all who ordered one, these have shipped out.  AND, for a limited time you can get two half mauls for $10 cheaper than you could if you bought them one at a time.  Key time ;)

April 5th 2006:  The first shipment has come, and have been sent out!  The second shipment should be arriving in a couple weeks if MR sticks to their original time fram :)

March 30th 2006:  The first shipment WILL be here on Monday.  Just tracked it again, and it says Monday.  Now grant you it's just the first wave...and it's kinda small.  But there will be happy people come about Thrusday when they get to you!  Next wave should hit about the second week of April is what I'm told, with the third being end of April.

March 28th 2006:  Well the bad news is that the 27th has come and gone, and no Maul's.  But the good news is that they are shipping today.  So depending on FedEx they could be here Friday (the first wave that is) or Monday.  These are the Full mauls.  The half mauls are still looking like mid April.

March 21st 2006:  MAUL NEWS!!  My first shipment of  FULL Mauls are suppose to be heading my way on the 27th...key word "SUPPOSE".  And the next shipment is suppose to be coming to me the week of April 17th.  Same key word.  Obviously it's not my entire order.  The first shipment is kind of small, and the second shipment is double what the first is.  By the third shipment I should have these in stock.

The half mauls should be middle of next month.  But the entire order should come all at once.

February 27th 2006:  Just a quicky...if you find a cheaper price on the Maul FX sabers, please email me and send me the link.  I re-FUSE to be beat on these things!

And please note...all my prices INCLUDE shipping within the U.S.  Most sites I've seen, their prices don't have shipping in with the 'price' which typically adds $10 to $15 to the price of the FXs.  International orders there is a charge for shipping, but I get the price directly off the USPS website.  What the price says is what you more.  I personally feel that gouging on the shipping price is wrong, and I refuse to do it.

February 23rd 2006:  The date didn't move, and the Maul FX sabers are finally up for pre order!  Both the full and the half maul should be shipping out in April sometime...but an exact date (as usual) is unknown.  So order away!

February 16th 2006:  I found out today when the Mauls will be going on sale...and it came as an email from my customer account and not from the retailer end.  SO, it would appear these will be going on sale on the 23rd!  Considering this date has been 'officially' released via a customer email, I don't think they'll move this date.  Fourth time is the charm!  It's looking like these will be shipping 'late spring'...which is different than what I was initially told of early spring.  I guess we'll see...

February 2th 2006:  It's the time I was told that Mauls would go on sale AND...they've been pushed back yet again.  I've been told mid to end of Feb. now.  HOWEVER all the others (except Kenobi) are in stock AND at a little bit lower prices.  So if you're having a hard time waiting for the Maul, you can buy 2 Vader ESBs and tape them together end to end with duct tape :D  It's like the force...has a light and dark binds the galaxy together.

January 12th 2006:  Well, this is interesting.  I got a call from MR stating I couldn't state that the Maul FXs were coming out.  This comes after the official site has already stated they were coming out and an email sent out to all MR customers which included a long list of products for this year.  SO, I'm still going to be selling the Maul FX sabers, and I'm still getting them at the same time I was suppose to be getting them, but I can't SHOW that I'm getting them *rolls eyes* until they ACTUALLY go on sale (which will be pretty soon).

December 30th 2005:  Nothing really to report except all FX sabers (Luke, Windu, Vader and Anakin) are in stock at the moment.  And for just a little nugget of info...see the items above ;)

December 18th 2005:  It's been aNOTHER little while, but nothing really to report.  Windus are in stock, Anakins are in stock, Vader ESBs are in stock...but some GOOD NEWS!!!  Luke ROTJ FXs will be back in stock by the end of the year!!!  And to top it off, they'll be a little cheaper too!!  They are back up for order, so make sure to pick one or two up ;)

November 22nd 2005:  It's been a little while, but I'm still here!  BIG shipment arrived a few days ago, and now Anakins, Vaders, and a few Lukes are in stock right at this moment!!  There's always got to be a problem child...Windus I'm still waiting on.  I'm told they are actually here in the states going through customs, so when ever they are released, it'll take about a week and a half for them to arrive here (they have to hit MRs warehouse first).

November 11th 2005:  Well here's an interesting bit of news.  I was contacted and was offered more Luke FX sabers, so I went a head and took them :)  So they are in stock, however due to the fact I'm out of town until the 20th, these won't ship out until the 21st.  Order quickly because I didn't get nearly as many as I did the first go around!

Anakin and Vader news.  These have been hung up in customs, so says MR.  So they are suppose to be arriving over the next couple weeks.  So it still sounds like they are coming by November, but when in November is up to MR.

October 31st 2005:  Bad news is the Windus didn't arrive today.  But according to the tracking number they should be delivered tomorrow.  That was a FedEx thing for some reason.  So if you ordered BEFORE October 4th, yours will be going out tomorrow.  All others will be going out next shipment which I'm told are arriving end of November.  As of right now, even orders placed right now will be shipped with the November shipment.

October 27th 2005:  Well, Windu's are finally on their way!!  Just how many, I'm not sure just yet.  Should find out in a day or so.  These should be arriving Oct. 31st.  When they said end of October, I didn't think they meant the VERY end of October...

October 19th 2005:  I'm told that the next shipment of Mace Windus (i.e. second shipment MR has received this entire year) will be arriving next week.  Knowing MRs ability for on time-ness, I'm not going to put too much stock into that just yet.  I still don't know how many I'll be receiving, but I was told that another shipment will be arriving end of November and that what isn't filled in October WILL be filled in November.  I thought that tid bit was interesting...  I guess we'll just have to see.

October 12th 2005:  Wow, that has to be record time!  Lukes are now sold out again, but there is a slight chance of getting more toward the end of the year, first of next, so stay tuned!

October 11th 2005:  Well, the first shipment didn't arrive yesterday...but ALL of them arrived today!!!  We were able to get most of them out today (Thank you again Bill!!), the rest will go out tomorrow.  And the uber cool part...I have some left over!  So order fast before they go again!

October 7th 2005:  QUAZI LUKE ROTJ NOT SO GOOD NEWS.  FedEx didn't bring them today, it says Monday now.  The shipping labels are printed, so those of you on the first wave my receive a tracking number today.  That's why the tracking number was sent.  Let's all pray that they come on Monday.

October 5th 2005:  QUAZI LUKE ROTJ GOOD NEWS!  These will be arriving to me THIS Friday!!  Now for the quazi bad news...I'm getting just under half on this first shipment.  Now the next shipment isn't far behind.  Those should be shiped out on Monday 17th to everyone.  Now you are wondering who is in on the first shipment...if you ordered on or before July 15th, you will be getting yours on the first shipment.  Everyone else will be on the second shipment i.e. shipping out on the 17th.  WHY they split the order up, I don't know.  I'm just happy to be getting them though, so yet another week, while a little frustrating, is still better than none at all.

WINDU NEWS.  Also spoke to my MR guy today, in which he tells me the Maces are indeed coming in this month...the end of this month *sigh*.  They couldn't have tried for Halloween, could they.  Now I know I'm going to be flooded with with emails asking if they'll be in by the 31st of this month.  Short answer...I don't know.  I hope they are, but they (as in MR) aren't being specific about when these will be in, just the end of this month.  Next question that will be asked is if 'yours' will be in on that shipment.  Short answer...I don't know.  I've tried to get specifics, but they aren't saying how many are coming in, nor are they saying how many I'll be getting.  I hope all of my order, however I have a feeling this will be highly unlikely.  As soon as I find out, I will post here.

ANAKIN NEWS.  Well, in typical MR style these have been pushed back...again.  Now saying first week of November.  How many are coming?  No clue.  Again, they aren't saying.  Hopeing for all my order, but with the way the FXs have been arriving, there's no telling.  However with how many I have on order, and when I placed those orders, everyone that has ordered up to today will have them.  That doesn't mean that if you order after today you won't get them on the next shipment.  There is a chance depending how many are sent. 

VADER ESBs are still in stock.

September 28nd 2005:  THEY ARE IN THE CORRECT WAREHOUSE NOW!!!  That's right, I just got off the phone with my contact, and they went to the wrong warehouse (went to CA first time and were suppose to go to OH), so they got to the correct warehouse now, however too late get them to me this week (as I've said before, please don't shoot the messanger).  He called me just a few minutes ago to tell me this (3:12pm central time) and promises me that they will be here next week *sigh*.  This delay affected ALL the Borders stores and not just me.  I still promise to get them all out the same day I get them in.  But the bright side....they are in the country, they are in the CORRECT warehouse, and it's only 8 more days.

September 23nd 2005:  THEY ARE IN THE WAREHOUSE!!!  The Luke ROTJ FX are finally in the warehouse!  Which means they will be in my hands Thursday or Friday of next week!  I will do my best to get them ALL shipped on the same day that I receive them. 

In other news, yesterday I received a VERY small shipment of Anakins, so if you ordered on September 10th or before, yours shipped!  I should be receiving more of these in October now.  Vader ESBs are still in stock though!

September 17th 2005:  I spoke with my Luke ROTJ FX guy, and he said these were in the country!!  The've actually been here since the first of the month.  However they are STILL in customes.  He said they should be out by next week.  After that it will take about about a week to get to their warehouse, and then another week to get to me.  SO...unfortunatly it's looking like end of the month, however still September!

September 13th 2005:  It's the middle of the month and so far MR has gotten it half right.  The Vader ESB FX came today.  So these are in stock and if you have one ordered they have shipped!  Still waiting to get the Anakin FXs.  Hopefully they will ship this week.

On the Luke ROTJ FXs, I've called my guy several times yesterday and today and keep getting voicemails.  Hopefully I can get a hold of him today and get some information.  Stay tuned....

September 6th 2005:  In typical MR fashion, The Anakin ROTS and Vader ESB FX lightsabers have been pushed back yet again.  It's not far, only to the middle of September now, but I wanted to post here as soon as I heard the news to let everyone know. But considering it's past the point where I would get these at the "first of September" like they said originally, this news is just a little late. 

August 30th 2005:  Luke ROTJ FXs....the GOOD news:  They arrive into port in 3 days!  Bad news, they are running a little late and they still have to go through customs which could take up to a week.  As soon as they clear customs, they will head to the warehouse, which I'm told takes about 4 days (not counting weekends).  And from there it'll take about 5 days to get to me (not counting weekends).  So, worse case, I get them around 15th to the 20th of September.  Then they just go out to all of you as soon as I get them. 

August 26th 2005:  It is closing up on the end of this month when I was told that the Luke ROTJs would start hitting the states.  I tried to call my guy today and got the voicemail, so I left a message.  He didn't get back to me, so I'm going to try again on Monday to get the status of these.

August 24th 2005:  Well, the Anakins came and went.  Where I had some in stock for about a day, they are all gone again.  MR said on the 17th that more would be arriving first part of September of both the Anakins and Vaders.  However they did say "very small wave".  Now how MANY is in a "very small wave" is anyones guess.  But I do believe it's enought to put me back into the 'in stock' catagory on both of these items.

As for the Windus, they still are saying October.  I'm hoping they can at least fill the rest of my order.  That would cover all that have ordered thus far and put me into the 'in stock' catagory on this item as well.  Here's to hoping!

August 13th 2005:  More Anakin ROTS FX sabers will arrive on Aug. 22.  If you've ordered an Anakin before August 15th, your's will be shipped!  And as of today, I still have a few Vader ESBs in stock.  On the Luke ROTJ FX front, they are on the water!  They should be here end of this month, and I should have them first part of September!  So they are VERY close!

July 30th 2005:  What a week it's been!  I received a surprise shipment yesterday so I've been shipping the Anakin and Vaders out since Wednesday.  I still don't have all my orders filled for the Anakin, however all orders that were made on July 22nd and earlier have been shipped.  If you didn't get a tracking number, please email me.  Now ALL Vader ESBs that have been ordered up to today have been shipped AND these are now in stock!

Now for the bad news.  I just got an email from Master Replicas on the Windus.  Instead of paraphrasing, I'm just going to copy and paste:

"The next wave of the Mace Windu FX Lightsabers has been delayed and we are not expecting the next shipment to arrive until sometime in October.  Please make a note of this and plan accordingly with your customers who have pre-ordered the item with you.  We will continue to try and improve this date with the vendor, but as of now this is the best projection we have available.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."

Remember, don't shoot the messenger.  I am being as up front as possible on these.  MR is changing these dates, and not TSV.  These will ship out as soon as they arrive to me.

July 20th 2005:  Anakin ROTS FXs are on their way!!  However like the Windus it's less than half of what I have on order.  If you placed yoru order on or before June 22nd, you will receive one in this shipment.  The next shipment of these, so I'm told, will be end of August first of September.  Remember please don't shoot the messenger.  I can only tell you what I'm told.

Now...for some GOOD NEWS!!!  Vader ESB FXs are on their way too!!  And up to the point where I am typing this out (1:40pm central time) ALL who have orderes placed will be receiving a tracking number next week stating these will be on their way to you!!

July 15th 2005:  The NEWEST word from MR is this:  Next wave of Anakins will be arriving end of the month.  Next wave of Vaders will be arriving end of next week.  The wave AFTER the next wave will be arriving end of August/first of September now.  That date is also for the next wave of Windu sabers.  I don't know what to say other than these are dates directly from MR.  They move at MRs whim and I have ZERO control over them, so please, don't shoot the messenger.  All I do is pass along what I'm told because that's all I can do.

SOME GOOD NEWS.  Luke ROTJ FX (the newer model with the green LED blade instead of the crummy EL blade) will be arriving end of September.  I'm told on these I should get all that I ordered, AND they will all be received at the same time.  So no waiting on them like the Anakin, Vader, and Windus.

July 11th 2005LUKE ROTJ FX NEWS.  I got my first word about these, and I will be able to get them.  However due to the MUCH higher price I have to pay, the cost is looking like $119 shipped.  I'm working VERY hard on getting them for less, so I can pass the savings on to you, so stay tuned.  I should know more by Friday of this week.  Either way, these should be up on my site by Friday...hopefully with a little bit smaller price tag.

July 8th 2005:  "The first transport is away!"----Rebel base annoucment- Empire Strikes Back  Well the first shipment of Windus have been sent and will be here by Thrusday the 14th.  It's not my full order (about a third) but it's a bunch of them.  By the 14th everyone that has tracking numbers should receive them.  The next shipment will be "August sometime".  That's the best info I can get from MR.

On the Anakin and Vader ESB front, I'm told these will be allocating next week.  This means they'll be shipping to me end of next week or the first of the following.  Let's cross our fingers and hope this keeps true!

July 6th 2005:  Well, the first shipment of Windus are at MR now!!  They are being allocated and shipped by the end of this week....WHICH MEANS...I should be receiving them next week and they first wave will leave then!!  I'm told I won't get my entire order, which was expected, but I will be receiving a lot of them.

June 29th 2005:  Well, I guess you can say that MR is always on the move.  The date for the Anakin and Vader has moved a little again.  Not much, but I got word today that these are expected mid to late July now :-\  Now the Windus are mid July.    Hopefully this will the be the last move...I'm tired of giving disappointing news in these updates.

June 27th 2005:  I've got good and bad news. Bad news is apparently this is going to be aNOTHER UK exclusive, AND MR is only giving ONE retailer in the U.S. the ability to carry it.  I can see doing this for say a LE item, but not one that is suppose to be unlimited.  The good news will hopefully come in another day or so...I'm still working on it.

June 26th 2005:  I just received word that MR is re releasing the Luke ROTJ FX saber a LOT sooner than previously told.  When I get more details (tomorrow) these will be up for sale then.  These will have the new LED technology like the Anakin ROTS, Windu FX, and Vader FXs.

June 13th 2005:  Master Replicas has just informed of a little bit later date than what was originally told.  It is now being said that the first shippment of the Windu, Anakin, and Vader sabers will be received early to mid July.  The second shipment of these are still to arrive end of August.  Turst me, I'm just as disappointed in this news as you are :-( 
On a side note, they have pushed back the Obi FX to Jan/Feb of next year due to the overwhelming response to the Anakin and Vader FX sabers.

May 19th 2005:  Master Replicas has released that the Windus will now be arriving end of June/first of July.  They also said that a large order of Anakin and Vader FXs will be will be arriving at the same time.

April 30th 2005:  Master Replicas is RE RELEASING THE WINDU FXs!!!  They say these will be in my hands by the first part of June!  This should be a VERY popular item with ROTS coming out.