AT-AT Imperial Walker
Signature Edition
The Empire Srikes Back
Limited to 750 worldwide.

Recreated from a direct study of the surviving miniatures in the Lucasfilm archives.

This studio-scale replica includeds a signed plaque by renowned special effects supervisor and animator Phil Tippett.

Master Replicas' AT-AT Signature Edition faithfully reproduces the details of the original filming miniatures and includes a snowscape diorama, complete with Luke Skywalker's crashed snowspeederTM (cast directly from an ILM miniature).

Faithfully reproduces the original 19-inch high filming miniatures as seen in The Empire Strikes Back.

Includes an acrylic dust cover to protect your model
Bring home the legend...

It was a dark time for the Rebellion. Imperial troops had pursued the Rebel forces across the far reaches of the galaxy to the remote ice world of Hoth.

Leading the attack, was one of the Empire's most devastating assault weapons-
The fearsome All Terrain Armored Transport (or AT-AT).

Legions of film-goers watched in awe as the AT-ATs thundered towards Echo base in one of the most memorable sequences in motion picture history.

Own a piece of cinematic history...
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