Star Trek: The Original Series
Limited Edition
Retail Price $299.00
This officially licensed prop replica features the most authentic light and digital sound effects captured from the original Desilu Studios tapes.

Hear the familiar "chirp" when you open the antenna.

The moiré dial spins continuously and the power and frequency lock lights ignite when the Communicator is activated.

Alert the crew with the blinking red emergency beacon.

Hear the frequency search signal when you turn the frequency selector dial.

Prompt the incoming call alert with a hidden button.

Recreated from a comprehensive study of an original prop and carefully handcrafted by our master artisans.

Constructed of durable metals and other top quality materials, our Star Trek Communicator will stand the test of time.

Comes with a custom display case, numbered display plaque and plaque holder, as well as a certificate of authenticity and a behind the scenes story about the prop.

There are few science fiction props as widely recognized as the Communicator from the Original Star Trek television series. Designed to look like a piece of working 23rd century hardware, the original Communicator was actually the product of innovative 20th century design and the imagination of prop designer Wah Chang.

In their quest to create the definitive Communicator replica, the Master Replicas design team conducted an extensive study of several surviving Communicator props. They took hundreds of detailed measurements and photographs to ensure they would achieve accurate geometric and color reproduction of the prop. They also interviewed the original prop makers and other recognized experts in prop design in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the design, intended use, and functions of the original prop. The design team even located the actual reel-to-reel tapes of sound effects used on the original series when it was filmed at Desilu Studios. The authentic sound effects featured in the Master Replicas Communicator prop replica were digitally recorded from those original tapes.

Because MR is a avid Star Trek fan, they wanted to create the ultimate replica of the Star Trek Communicator. They were diligent in designing a replica that is both true to the prop as it appeared in the series and highlights the many fascinating details that were not apparent on most television screens in the 1960s. I know you'll agree that the Master Replicas Star Trek Communicator is one of the finest Trek prop replicas ever created.
Limited to 1,500 worldwide.