Count Dooku Lightsaber
Limited Edition
Limited to 3,500 worldwide.
Replica lightsaber prop from Star Wars: Episode II Attack of the Clones

Carefully recreated from original archival materials and fully authorized and endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd

Constructed from durable machined and die-cast metal, each replica is polished and assembled by hand

This special lightsaber comes with a custom-designed display case, a polished metal plaque and a Certificate of Authenticity.

The Dooku lightsaber prop was constructed by Ty Teiger's prop department in England. This department consists of approximately one hundred professional model-makers and is responsible for the development and manufacturing of all props for Star Wars.

According to Mr.Teiger, it typically takes one week to make the first prototype, but this particular lightsaber took six weeks. For filming, four versions of the "hero" plus fifteen resin "fighting" versions were constructed. These resin "stunt" lightsabers were used when the "heroes" were not needed to be seen in close-up.

The hero props were composed of polished, machined aluminum, steel, and brass. Black, diamond-pattern rubber sheeting was glued into recesses at various locations on the lightsaber's body to represent grip areas. Several gold accents were also added to the design to contrast with the silver and black finish. These accents represent various control switches. Mr. Teiger noted that overall it was a very difficult piece to design and machine. Numerous machining steps and refinements were required to achieve the final design seen on-screen.

The Master Replicas' Count Dooku lightsaber replica was produced from extensive analysis of the original film props. Hundreds of measurements were obtained and numerous photographs taken for documentation of color, texture, finish and other details.

From this information, a 3-D computer model was generated by MRs engineers. This was used to generate a final master pattern which was used for production. The black grip panels are composed of injection-molded plastic, coated with a rubberized material. This perfectly replicates the grips on the original, but enables these parts to be more durable for handling by collectors. All of the silver components are polished and heavily nickel chrome-plated for durability.

I know that you will enjoy this replica of  one of the most unusual and uniquely-styled lightsaber.

Retail Price 299.00