Boba Fett Helmet
Limited Edition
The Empire Strikes Back

Master Replicas proudly reveals the Boba Fett Studio Scale Helmet from Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

Fiberglass Construction

Each helmet is wearable with a fully lined and padded interior with a see-through, tinted “bubble” lens, authentic weathered finish and LED’s in the Range Finder blinks when lowered.

Comes with a custom display stand, numbered plaque and certificate of authenticity

Limited Edition of 1500 pieces worldwide
Boba Fett’s inception is almost as mysterious as his character. What is known is that the unique Mandalorian armor he wears was designed and then fabricated in England well in advance of the filming of Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back.

Joe Johnson, the production illustrator and designer, began work on Fett’s helmet shortly after ILM relocated from southern to northern California. Lucasfilm archival photo reference shows Joe working on the “hero” helmet, which was later worn by actor Jeremy Bulloch during principal photography. It is likely Joe also prepared a back-up helmet, which resides in the archive, as its paintwork closely matches the scratches and technique of the “hero”.

To create the Master Replicas Boba Fett helmet our engineers laser scanned an original helmet in the archives, perfectly capturing the shape and subtle nuances of the face and dome and output a master pattern from which all our production molds were made.

Over the years the “hero” helmet has sustained additional scuffs and scratches from its many world tours and exhibitions. Using extensive photographic reference, we worked with a talented artist to recreate the “hero” helmet paint scheme as it appeared in 1979 when it first went before cameras at Elstree Studios.
Retail Price $449.00