Boba Fett mini Blaster
Return of the Jedi Edition
Superb detailing to match the yet to be acclaimed 1:1 scale Limited Edition Blasters-only at 33 scale.

This .33scale version of the Master Replicas Limited Edition blaster replica of the prop seen in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi it measures approximately 6 7/16" x 1 15/16" x 2 1/2".

Constructed of the same high quality materials as MR's Limited Edition replicas - Machined and die cast metal and injection molded components - each detail is exactly .33 scale of the original size.

Comes in a newly designed box with the prop story imprinted on the back.

Individual display stand made of black injection molded plastic with clear supports for the replica. The top of the matte textured base is accented with a gold Star Wars logo and the name of the character.

And new with the mini blaster line are the protective display case that accompanies each blaster.
Boba Fett's blaster prop used in Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, like its slightly different counterpart seen in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back was based on a Webley & Scott No. 1 Mark.1 flare gun used to signal aircraft from the ground during World War One. The sight appears to be an A.S.I. 4 x 20 sighting scope while plastic kit parts from Revel's V-8 and F-4E Phantom II model kits can be found on the stock and parts of the gun. Additionally the barrel was dressed with T-track sections that were commonly used on many other Star Wars weapons.

To model this replica MR scanned a surviving Boba Fett Blaster prop in the Lucasfilm archives and obtained an actual Webley & Scott flare gun. Using this data they modeled the precise geometries of everyone's favorite bounty hunter's weapon, ensuring that this replica is as accurate as you could want it to be.

We hope you enjoy this latest and valuable addition to your Star Wars collection for many years to come. 

Retail Price $45.00
Display case included