Star Trek: The Original Series
Klingon Disruptor
Limited Edition
Retail Price $299.00
Shaped like a 17th Century single-shot flintlock pistol, the Klingon Disruptor prop replica is the weapon used by Klingons in the original STAR TREK series.

Colors and finishes of the metal components accurately match the original television prop. Like the Type 1 Phaser cover, the emitter fins have a diamond pattern plate.

The distinctive and familiar "sonic warble," taken directly from the original studio sound effects tapes, is activated by a single button on the control panel. 

Comes with a custom display case, numbered display plaque and plaque holder. 

Approximate replica dimensions: 13"L x 2.7"W x 6.3"H

Because MR is a avid Star Trek fan, they wanted to create the Star Trek  Klingon Disruptor. They were diligent in designing a replica that is both true to the prop as it appeared in the series and highlights the many fascinating details that were not apparent on most television screens in the 1960s. I know you'll agree that the Master Replicas Star Trek Communicator is one of the finest Trek prop replicas ever created.
Limited to 1,500 worldwide.