Princess Leia Blaster Blaster
Signature Edition
Limited to 750 worldwide.
Official reproduction of Princess Leia's DDC Defender sporting blaster from Star Wars: A New Hope.

The original prop was modeled on a Soviet .22 caliber target pistol.

This replica is constructed of metal with ABS parts and detailing.

Comes with a custom display case, numbered plaque personally signed by actress Carrie Fisher, plaque stand, certificate of authenticity with a photo from the autograph event.

Approximate dimensions: 15.5" L X 5.5" H X 1.5" W.

Limited Edition  750.

While we don't actually get to see very much of this particular blaster, its few seconds on screen have become iconic. The original filming prop used in A New Hope was composed of several unlikely components. The base weapon was a Soviet .22 caliber target pistol. This was apparently chosen for its small size so as to not appear bulky while being held by the petite Carrie Fisher.

An extended barrel was added to the base pistol, covered by a coiled cord (either the accessory cord from an antique flashgun or a British telephone cord) and a finned component (a British plastic plumbing adapter). The business end of the barrel is capped by a .22 caliber recoil compensator that was often included with this type of pistol for target shooting.

Although thought to be lost for many years, Master Replicas located the original prop in the possession of a private collector in England. To create our replica, data was obtained from this individual on the origin and dimensions of the added components. In addition, MR purchased a mint condition, period Soviet .22 caliber target pistol for reference. Upon examination of several of these Russian firearms and numerous other photographs, it was evident that many variations existed in their basic design and details. MR therefore utilized an example that appeared to be a best match to the original filming prop.

Master Replicas model of the Princess Leia DDC Defender is an accurate representation of the screen-used prop. I hope that you enjoy their recreation of this elegant and historic film weapon.
Important Notice:
This museum quality replica has a blaze orange plug set inside the barrel. Some states and countries do not allow the shipment of replicas that resemble guns. It is the buyer's responsibility to confirm the legality of purchasing and receiving this replica.
Retail Price $499.00