Darth Maul Lightsaber
Signature Edition
Limited to 1,000 worldwide.
Replica lightsaber prop from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace

Carefully recreated from original archival materials and fully authorized and endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd

Constructed from durable machined and die-cast metal, each replica is polished and assembled by hand

This special lightsaber comes with a custom-designed display stand, a special plaque signed by Ray Park, Darth Maul himself, and a Certificate of Authenticity.

This is un-opened/factory sealed.

There were actually numerous props created for Darth Maul's appearance in the film. Actor and martial arts master Ray Park utilized several different lightsaber props to accomplish the amazing combat feats seen on-screen.

First, there were several "hero" lightsabers, which were produced for close-ups. Numerous "stunt" lightsabers were also produced for the dueling scenes. While the hero props featured numerous buttons and knobs protruding from the surface, the stunt props were actually produced with a smooth surface. This was done so that the actor's hands would not get caught while sliding and spinning the prop during the action sequences. The surface details (knobs, LED's, etc) were simply painted on the lightsaber.

Due to weight considerations, all of the lightsabers were constructed from resin with a metal core and metal surface detailing. Some of the background props were also cast in a semi-hard rubber. The Master Replicas model was created from a direct study of the hero lightsabers at the Lucasfilm Archive. In order to add value and durability to this unique replica, however, Master Replicas has produced Maul's lightsaber in machined and die cast metals rather than resin.

I know you will enjoy this first and only double bladed lightsaber seen in any of the Star Wars films.

Retail Price $549.00