The Medal of Yavin
Limited Edition
Limited to 1500 worldwide.
Replica of the medal given at Yavin from Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope

Constructed of solid, die-cast metal and plated in 18k gold with a rich matte finish.

Suspended from an olive-green ceremonial ribbon like the ones used for a military medal of honor.

Presented in a black lacquered, jewelry-style box handsomely accented with the Rebel insignia on top.

Displayed on a cushion of luxurious textured material inside the presentation box. The inner panel of the presentation box can be propped inside the top of the box to form a striking A-frame display.

Carefully recreated from original archival materials and fully authorized and endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd

There appeared to be two Medal of Yavin props used in the movie, but after the completion of filming Star Wars: A New Hope, the two props apparently disappeared without a trace.  Twenty-seven years later, with a bit of detective work, Master Replicas was able to track down one of the original medal props, which was housed in a private collection. We obtained permission from the collector to pull a casting of this prop for use in developing our replicas. After creating the mold and casting several copies, our design team began creating replicas.

The Master Replicas designers decided to recreate the Medal of Yavin in die cast metal so that they would have the substantial weight and feel of the original prop.  We applied 18-karat matte gold plating to each replica to duplicate the rich look of the original prop's painted finish and to enhance the value and appearance of the replica. 

Locating the original Medal of Yavin prop was quite an adventure and one MR felt was necessary in order to make our replicas as authentic as possible.  I know you'll get as much satisfaction from the result as they did from the process of creating it.

Retail Price $99.00