Peter's Sword
Limited Edition
The Lion, The Wtich, and the Wardrobe

Master Replicas proudly reveals it's newest line from Chronicals of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe with Peter's Sword.

Designed to be an exact replica of the original prop supplied by Weta Workshop Ltd.

The blade of Peter's powerful tool is constructed of durable hand-forged steel and sturdy full tang and features elegant acid-etched lettering details.

The leather grip includes gold-plated, cast-metal details including an exquisite brass lion head.

A nickel-chromed steel hand guard completes this authentic work of art.
Peter's sword plays an integral part in the battle against the evil White Witch and the return of his errant brother Edmund, uniting the Pevensie family and liberating the Kingdom of Narnia forever.

When Mrs. Pevensie sends her children to the country, she gives her oldest child a great responsibility: "Look after your brother and sisters." Upright and honest, Peter takes his mission seriously, but doesn't always know how best to accomplish it. His attempts to rein his brother lead directly to Edmund's betrayal. Once Edmund has gone missing, it's Peter's sworn duty to get him back. As if that weren't enough, Peter faces a growing and even greater responsibility: the saving of Narnia. As the future High King, it is up to Peter to lead Aslan's army in battle against the White Witch. Will a fifteen-year old boy who can barely look after his own family stand up to an entire evil army?

Retail Price $249.00
Display Plaque included