Darth Sidious Lightsaber
Limited Edition
Revenge of the Sith Edition
Replica lightsaber prop from Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Carefully recreated from original archival materials and fully authorized and endorsed by Lucasfilm Ltd

Constructed with chrome-plated machined brass body with trim parts plated in 18k gold.  Antiqued brass emitter and the unique prismatic paint finish off this stunning recreation.

This special lightsaber comes with a stainless steel metal plaque and a Certificate of Authenticity

To create the weapon of the vile Darth Sidious, the prop department machined an original master and cast copies of the prop in chrome and gold plated resin for ease of handling. Surface detailing consisted of two LEDs - in keeping with the prequel trilogy lightsaber look – a gold colored recharge port, and a brass emitter plate. Other areas, notably the neck rings bellow the emitter and the individually shaped end cap were gold plated, before the saber was given a distinctive paint finish.

For the Master Replicas model, Lucasfilm supplied their engineers with a pristine copy of the original prop. It was laser scanned to enable them to exactly recreate the unique, organic form in diecast metal, with machined metal details. The trim parts are plated in genuine 18k gold and every detail from the antiqued brass emitter to the unique prismatic paint finish have been stunningly replicated.

MR hopes you enjoy this replica of Darth Sidious’ lightsaber. They are sure it will be a discussion piece in your collection for many years to come, and while it represented a unique challenge to recreate, MR knows they have met that challenge!

Retail Price $369.00