Thermal Detonator "As First Built"
Limited Edition
Retail Price $249.00
The Thermal Detonator, which first appeared in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, is the first prop we're offering used by a female character--Princess Leia Organa--disguised as the bounty hunter who appeared before Jabba the Hutt to negotiate a better price for the captive Chewbacca.

Constructed from die cast metal, the Thermal Detonator, measures approximately 2 ½ inches in diameter.

The As First Built Thermal Detonator is a polished chrome-plated version of the compact metal sphere as it might have looked when it was first created.

Complete with original sound effects digitally translated from the movie along with random flashing light patterns that emanate from the device when the trigger switch is pulled.

Carefully recreated from original archival materials and fully authorized by Lucasfilm Ltd.

Comes with a custom-designed display case, display plaque, and a Certificate of Authenticity
The original filming prop was quite different from what was seen on-screen. While it appeared to be made of shiny metal in the film, the prop was actually constructed from two clear plastic hemispheres approximately 2½ inches in diameter that were coated with multiple layers of silver and bronze plating. Black and brown paint was stippled onto the inner and outer surfaces of the hemispheres to make the device appear weathered.

Master Replica's recreation of the thermal detonator started with a detailed examination of the original prop.  Their designers sketched a detailed map of the complex patterns created by the layers of plating and paint in order to create an absolutely authentic replica. In order to give the replica the appropriate heft and durability one would expect of such a device, the designers decided to make the outer shells of the thermal detonator replica from die-cast metal rather than plastic like the original prop. They also digitally transferred the original sound effects obtained from Skywalker Sound to a sound chip used inside the replica and duplicated the random flashing light patterns as seen on-screen.

MR has taken extreme measures to duplicate every detail of the thermal detonator exactly as it appeared in the movie.  I know you will agree that this is the definitive replica of this small, but complex film prop.

Limited to 750 worldwide.