Mace Windu Lightsaber
Limited Edition
Limited to 1,750 worldwide.
The Mace Windu lightsaber from Attack of the Clones is one of the most ornate lightsaber designs ever seen in the Star Wars saga. The lightsaber hilt is polished chrome with gold and black embellishments and intricate patterns adorn various sections of the surface.

Constructed from machined brass and die-cast metal, this elaborate lightsaber is polished and assembled by hand.

Constructed from durable machined and die-cast metal, each replica is polished and assembled by hand

Redesigned display case provides 25% more viewing area for your lightsaber while still using the same amount of display space and keeping the same elegant look as our original display cases.

New plaque stand coordinates attractively with the display case and allows you the flexibility to decide where to display your plaque.

There were many stunt props used during the filming of Episode I, and these varied significantly in construction from the metal hero props. The stunt props were used in filming battle scenes where a lighter weight prop was needed during rigorous fight choreography. These stunt props were made of resign with a metal core in which replaceable aluminum blades could be inserted.

The hero props were constructed mostly of aluminum, steel, and brass, which made them quite heavy. The entire body of the hilt was chrome-plated with anodized gold trim. The black grips were made from very thin, custom-made rubber sheeting. When the props were first made the finish was highly polished, but during filming the finish appears to have tarnished and become duller. A clip was attached to the rear of the lightsaber to allow it to hang from a Jedi accessory belt.

This Mace Windu lightsaber replica was created from a direct digital scan of one of the original hero props used in the movie. We also took numerous measurements of the prop to verify the exact dimensions and referred to Lucasfilm archive photographs in order to duplicate the finish. MRs replica is constructed of approximately forty parts made of machined brass and aluminum, die-cast metal, and injection molded PVC and ABS.  I know you'll get as much pleasure from owning this prop replica as they got from making it.
Retail Price $399.00