Limited Edition
A New Hope
This studio scale replica is a 1:1 replica of the screened used Y-wing, down to every detail.

This replica features quality resin construction with machined aluminum and brass components and injection molded details

Individual stand and museum quality display base featuring a Death Star Laser Gun Turret

Also includes a plaque and certificate of authenticity
The Rebel Y-wing starfighter, otherwise known as the Koensayr BTL A4, is one of the oldest and most numerous starfighters in the Rebel Alliance fleet.

Over the many years of struggle against the forces of the Empire, this rugged, single pilot craft has well earned its reputation as a solid, reliable workhorse. Maintained by a dedicated band of rebel mechanics, it continues to serve the Rebel cause alongside the newer, sleeker starfighters such as the Incom T-65 W-wing.

Powered by two ion jet engines, the sixteen meter long Y-wing may not be as fast as other fighters in the Alliance forces, but with its onboard astromech droid, complete with navigation computer, the craft is able to navigate single hyperspace jumps with complete safety, adding immensely to its versatility.

Equipped with two light ion cannons, two laser cannons, and two proton torpedo launchers, this double duty fighter/light bomber carries formidable firepower. Furthermore, deflector shields and its own strong construction mean the Y-wing can sustain combat damage that would blow other craft from the stars. And while it may not be as maneuverable as other fighters, tandem long range sensors provide binocular range finding which gives these old war-horses superior targeting precision. It is only natural then that when the decision was taken as to which starfighter would lead the first attack run on the vulnerable thermal exhaust port of the Death Star, that this honor went to the Y-wings of Gold Squadron.

To create the spectacular images of the Rebel Y-wing starfighters skimming the surface of the Death Star's polar trench, Industrial Light & Magic, the in-house effects company of Lucasfilm Ltd., created several master models in different scales to match the full size mock-up of the Y-wing used on the soundstages in England during principal photography. From these models, molds were taken and resin castings were made to provide additional models.

These raw resin ships were then detailed by a process known as kit-bashing -- gluing plastic model kit parts to the surface of a model to create intricate areas of detail. This technique infinitely suited the design of the Y-wing which features heavily exposed areas of machinery and tubing, but resulted in many differences between the various models seen on screen.

Utilizing access to surviving miniatures held in the Lucasfilm Ltd. Archive, Master Replicas engineers and model makers created a new master pattern from measurements taken off the screen used models, capturing the intricate shape and details of the filming miniatures.

Molded in resin, the Master Replicas Studio Scale Rebel Y-wing starfighter includes an internal aluminum armature to provide strength and long term structural integrity and comes displayed above a laser gun turret from the surface of the Death Star: perfectly recreating the exciting moment when Gold Leader annouced, "Red Leader, this is Gold Leader. We're starting our attack run..." 

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Display stand included