As your Scaled Replica Lightsaber and Blaster collection continues to grow there's only one way to show off your collection! Introducing the Scaled Replica Trio Display!

Designed with 3 step levels, the Scaled Replica Trio Display ensures that all 3 lightsabers or blasters are easily seen. A protective acrylic cover (not pictured) shields the display from dust.

The black, textured base is made of injection molded ABS and is decorated with a metallic gold imprint: STAR WARS, allowing it to be versatile for any scaled replica collection.

The trio display base measures approximately 6.5"x6.25"x4.5" to the top level The first level and second level measures approximately 1.18" and 2.83" from the bottom of the base. The dust cover is approximately 7.28" from the bottom of the base.

Q: Are the .45 Scale Replicas limited edition prop replicas?

A: No. Although MR will only produce a limited quantity of each scaled replica, they are not individually numbered with a pre-determined edition size; therefore they are not classified as limited edition replicas.

Q: Will the new .45 scale blasters fit in the trio case?

A: Yes.  The new mini blasters will fit on the display case, in the slots like the lightsabers do.  However the stormtrooper blaster replica is a little big and will not allow the clear acrylic cover to be placed of there base of the trio case.  But it's stand will fit on the case like the lightsaber stands do.

Retail $19.99 plus $10 shipping from MR
.45 Scaled Mini Case